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I know that some people think that R.A.B. is not Regulus Black. I, though, truly think it is. He is mention 3 separate times in this book, as well as in the last book. Since the Horcrux was stolen by someone who Voldemort would know by their initials of R.A.B., it almost has to be either someone famous enough to be known by their initials, which we should have mention of somewhere but don't, or a Death Eater that left, which is the most plausible because of the note and familiarity. Regulus Black we know left the Death Eaters, so he would be the perfect candidate for this, and the initials seem to fit. Also, his death soon after leaving could be directly related to his theft of the Horcrux, probably from the potion (which fits with the whole "Good Snape, Dying Dumbledore" theory). One final piece of possible evidence is that in the fifth book, while cleaning Grimmauld Place, they find "a heavy locket that none of them could open" in the cabinets. If Regulus made it back there (or maybe he had help getting it in the first place, since it seems to need two people...Sirius?) he could have hidden it among his parents' collection, and there is every chance that his parents could have turned him over to the Death Eaters.
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theres also quite a lot of mention of Borgins and Burkes, both of which, obviously, end in B.

One of them was my first thought, but I also won't discount Regulus Black.
I'm agreeing whole heartedly with the Regulus theory.

All of the books tend to go in circles: where a quest ends close to home. (Erised hold the stone, chamber of secrets being just behind where they brewed their polyjuice etc)...

what if Harry inherited that last Horcrux? I say "last" because I could see him going on the whole huge adventure finding all five other Horcruxs and coming "home" to Grimmauld Place to find that last one right under his nose.

Or else Kretcher would be its guardian? Kretcher WAS taking and saving things from Sirius' purge...and he is undyingly loyal to the Death Eaters in the family (but that's for obvious reasons too). What if he kept it and took it to Hogwarts? It would have been right under Dumbledore's nose the whole time just like so many other goals of there's have been :)

and I missed that part about the unopenable locket in book five! That's awsome! thanks! :)
I think it was Regulus, as well. I was thumbing through the book trying to find his middle initial to verify, but didn't see it.
Yeah, it never says a middle initial...
I thought it said his middle initial in book five, Regulus A. Black, when they go through the Black's family tree.