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WELL me and my friend were just talking and came up with something...

Could Dumbledore have asked Snape to kill him?
Maybe Dumbledore wanted Harry to figure things out on his own and defeat Voldemort without his help...
Dumbledore has his reasons for trusting Snape that were stated in the book, but they just dont seem right. Dumbledore is a smart guy and it seems he would have better reason than what was in the book... so if there is a better reason then what would give him the motive to kill him? Dumbledore had to have knew that if he were to leave it would cause chaos... a learning experience?

But then again....

That may not be viewed as a learning experience but just added to the chaos.
Dumbledore also might have wanted to help Harry out more... give him more wisdom and help before his final facing with voldemort.

another guess.. he may have left behind clues/ help behind him that Harry will find?

Well we havent heard the last of dumbledore...
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