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A Boy Raised by Wolfes


okay, i finished the book earlier today and am having a hard time believing that dumbledore is actually dead. i think it seems pretty obvious that snape and dumbledore had a plan of some sort, i'm absolutely positive of that. but hear me out on this real quick...knowing that snape is, in fact, the half blood prince, we know for a fact that he's well aware of all incantations in the advanced potions book, right? so what are the chances that he used the "levicorpus" spell on dumbledore before/after muttering the avada kedavra curse? we already know that levicorpus is a nonverbal spell as reported on p.238-239, and we also know that you can only make a spell work when you really mean it, as learned in the 1st book, correct? which means he did his levicorpus without saying anything, and then said "avada kedavra" for the death eaters to hear. now we have witnesses, right? and to support this theory, after snape struck dumbledore with the spell his body "seemed to hang suspended beneath the shining skull..."

maybe i'm just in denial over the whole thing, as denial is the first step in coping with death...i've just been trying to find loopholes all day since finishing the book, and this is the best i could come up with. rowling also seemed to put a lot of emphasis on that specific spell, however, maybe she's just trying to mislead people into thinking the wrong things...sorry if it's already been mentioned elsewhere in this journal. feel free to put me in my place.
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