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first off, how do you all pernounce the word. My friends and I have had disagreements. I say Hor-Cruce, like a CRUXIFIX or CRUXIFY, but they all say Hor-Crucks. I dunno, but anyway.

Do you guys think this could be the 7 horcruxes?

1.The Diary
2.The Ring
3.The Slytherin Locket
4.Hufflepuff's cup
5.Something from Ravenclaw
6.Harry himself
7. Voldemort.

I think harry will be the final Horcrux. Think about it. Voldy wants something from Gryffindor, well Harry is from Gryffindor. Maybe after trying to murder him, and failing Voldy decided that Harry was pretty tough, and decided to make him a horcrux. In order for Voldy to die now, Harry would have to kill himself, and let someone else kill voldy?

Remember Horcruxes can be livivng things, they think it's Nagini the snake, but I still think it's Harry. He already has the Slytherin locket, why does he need Nagini?

Am I crazy for thinking this?
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