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This entry originally appeared in my own journal, and then at the suggestion of a friend, I crossposted it into fanficrants. So I thought, why not here? I could clean it up a little... but, I'm lazy. So, word-for-word.

I've decided that fic writers creep me the fuck out. Not all of you, mind. But a fair many I've seen showing some ugly, ugly sides ever since the sixth Harry Potter book came out. You'd think that some of them really believe J.K. Rowling really owed them something. Guess what: She doesn't.

I suppose what bothers me is some of these people are so childish. You'd think THEY created these characters, and now J.K. Rowling is taking them apart, selling it for MILLIONS, and laughing all the way to the bank--or to wherever her ENORMOUS mattress stuffed with money is.

I will make some things very, very clear (mostly for my own agitation, because--guess what, I'm not that popular and this entry won't get big. Another thing is I don't intend this entry to convince, change, or otherwise alter any opinions. It's called a journal. I can write what I want in it. If I was really on a mission--even one with "DEATH WISH" tattooed across it in big, red, DON'T FUCKING GO THERE letters: I'd go this batshit somewhere in a Fanfic forum or something.)

Fiiiiirst--and perhaps my largest bone to pick: People claim that she "ruined" Hermione. ... May I remind you that Hermione is sixteen/seventeen years old? I may be a total geezer at 22--but hey, I seem to recall a nutty thing called HORMONES at that age driving me utterly fucking batshit. I'm sure you all are aquainted with HORMONES..

Hormones: How YOU doin'?

Erm. And yet--friends that people blatantly said were "perfect" for me (Enter my new-school buddy Jacob for an embarrassing self-example)... we were merely friends, despite outsider insinuations otherwise. Utterly. Comfortably. Nothing more than. Guess what: It's possible. Gasp. Harry and Hermione, anyone? And it's also possible for "the brain" to become catty and spiteful and a little bitch when she's feeling slighted. Does this make her any less of a brain? No. Does this make her any less Hermione? No. Does it actually ADD depth and character? Yes. Yes I think so. Why? Because the anger, resentment, and treatment is BELIEVEABLE. People would complain if Hermione just suffered through it without an ounce of retaliation. I believe the term some may use is "Mary Sue" perhaps. But because of JKR's portrayal of Hermione in this book, it shows the reader that she's just as capable of the horrible feelings the rest of us are. She's been waiting for HOW many years for Ron to get a clue? And right when he starts to... ... ... no, no he really doesn't. Ron, cute dorky red-headed Ron is PAINFULLY dim. D' you think it's remotely possible that part of the reason Hermione is so catty/bitchy/bratty is because she's frustrated, but regardless she just can't help her feelings? Because no. No that's not right. No one's ever gotten angry or tried to get 'even' in some way with someone they care a lot about but seems so ridiculously clueless.

It all seems so very high school.

Y'wanna know why?


It's high school! And so many of us were shallow and dumb and just plain retarded in high school. Whoo. I admit freely that I was.

And another thing... The Hermione of old is not "raped" and "gone" because she's bitter at Harry doing well in Potions ... she's ANGRY at Harry because of his use of the potions book. She champions for hard work, not the "easy way" ... yet when the easy way is working time and time again, and her hard work is overshadowed for Harry's breezy brewings in potions--of COURSE she's going to be completely angry. Previously, Ron and Harry flounder because of their slackerness when it comes to studies. Hermione to the rescue almost Every. Fucking. Time. You saw evidence of her growing sick of it in book five. BUt, because she's such a good friend and feels very loyal to her friends, she still helps out once in a while. There's no evidence that this would not have been the case had Harry not insisted on gaining all his good brewin's from a book HANDING him all the perfectly calculated answers. I'd be pretty pissed too if one of my friends started outshining me in a class because they weren't REALLY doing their own work.

Harry's good potions are DUMB. LUCK. It was LUCK that he had that particular book. It was sheer curiosity that made him try the scribbled instructions, but rather than try to learn for himself--he continues to shine based on the hard work of someone else and nothing else. She's always tried to set an example. Always. She's always wanred Harry and Ron against putting off homework or the trivial nature in which they deal with school work. So, naturally, she'll appear as an annoyance in book six when she constantly (and understandably) harrasses Harry the entire school year. I found myself feeling bad that she was ignored so much. People claim SHE'S the awful one? What about Harry and Ron for ignoring her time and time again? Hmm?


Another issue: Ginny as a Mary Sue. Most of the time I only hear that complaint from the same people who complain about Hermione getting raped and murdered characterwise. Ginny starts out as a quiet, shy, and smitten 10/11 year old in the first two books. We never learn much about Ginny's appeal because the book follows Harry, and as you can remember Harry = not really interested in Ginny in the beginning. Thus, Ginny does not need much plot time or character development. But, let us remember: Ginny is a WEASLEY. My understanding from the books is aside from Percy (who is, as Fred and George like to point out: A prat), and Ron (poor overshadowed Ron)... the Weasley's seem to be a fairly charismatic and pseudo-popular bunch. Ron doesn't stand out because he's the youngest boy--with five older brothers all coming before him. Ginny, youngest--sticks out because A) YOUNGEST and B) GIRL. She's got the one-up on all the previous Weasleys in my opinion, based on her gender. Just because she was shy and quiet around HARRY for a while didn't mean she was shy and quiet around EVERYONE. In book five she proves herself to be a rather mouthy little thing when she wants. Comments from other Weasley's about certain hexing abilities, and the fact that she's (on more than one occasion) asserted herself quiet loudly. She's confident. She's charismatic. She's fifteen now--and guess what: She's not outside this "high school" thing either. Haven't you ever heard of middleschoolers getting a taste of dating by changing boyfriends/girlfriends more often than they change their socks? Just because I elected not to date in high school, doesn't mean everyone's the same way. Think about it: Boarding school. September to June with your classmates, very few visits home. You get to know some people rather well, I'd think.

As for Harry suddenly liking Ginny: Hi, did you meet my good friend Hormones?

Hormones: Hey baby, you wanna riiiiiiiide?

I believe we were all introduced earlier into this whole jumbled mess I've been tacking away at for some time now. Yes, the beast was a bit cliche and eye-rolly... but, frankly, so is a lot of high school dating. *smirk* Hogwarts is a pheromone farm. 'OMG SO JEALOUS!!' is bound to happen. I look back at my high school days and I KNOW I wasn't lil' Ms. Reasonable a lot of the time. But--at that time, I certainly FELT completely okay and with it and reasonable.

These are not adults. These are children bordering on young adults bordering on the beginnings of adulthood. Now: Let's add in that things are a little fucked up right now. Mysterious deaths. People living in fear. The desire to cling to something desparately. Remember movies like Independence Day and that oh-so-suave line "You don't want to die a virgin, do you?" Students are bound to feel scared and lonely. Who do they have to turn to: Other students. Hm. Sexy.

Let us not forget our good buddy Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure: Hey kids! TRY MY CANDY!

Ginny pushes her brother's buttons leikWHOA in the book. I'm pretty sure I could boil it all down to Ron's masculinity being questioned or some-such dumbass thing because his little sister's gettin' more play than he is. And do we all remember the teaspoon

TEASPOON: Hi, I'm Ron's emotional range!

I thought you did.

So, his little sister's acting (in his opinion) like queen slut--it's embarrassing and weird for him (much like me mentioning the knowledge of ANYTHING sexual to my own older brother--he likes to pretend I never said a damn thing)... and then she unleashes one hell of a catty rant. Can we suspect that since perhaps Ginny confided in Hermione about Harry oh-so-long ago... then PERHAPS Hermione's dished the dirt about Ron's apparent lack of ... well... ANY OBSERVATION AT ALL? So, Ron, feeling wounded (as we all witnessed) goes for easy play. Enter Lavendar. He may like Hermione--but that whole mess is so complicated I'm sure it's just easier for him to start FRESH with someone rather than try to sort out years of friendship and now these funny tingling feelings in his robes for a girl who was really treated much like another guy throughout this whole series thusfar. Hemione = obvious but not Ron = scared little man Lavendar = convenient outlet in the meantime. It's obvious Ron's uncomfortable with Lav. That the relationship is more her idea than his. But... y'know... what do I know? I wish to cite When Harry Met Sally for all the thoughts I have on Ron and Hermione. They're friends, but didn't have much clue of how to cope once the feelings started to come out. So, what to do, but ignore them as best as possible, and perhaps hope they go away. Well, no. It doesn't WORK that way. Hermione sees Ron with Lav, gets jealous--because she has these inexplicable feelings for Ron (perhaps the same 'beast' inside Harry? ... Maybe it's not love or lust or hormones at all... perhaps it's all just a very complicated case of tapeworm. Strange, purring tapeworm). She's clever, I think she's pretty sure Ron likes her (Hullo, his reaction ANY TIME Krum is mentioned) yet his testicles must not have dropped yet as he has no balls to actually TELL Hemione how he feels.

*blinks* ... All this because I was scrolling through the wailing wall of fandom hate over this book. *shakes head* I sat back and thought about all of this. I'd previously heard the Harry Potter books likened very much to The Chronicles of Narnia. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized the concept of "will they, won't they" between the White Witch and Aslan is just silly, and should never be mentioned again.

It is not the author, J.K. Rowling, who mangles, rapes, or ruins characters. It. Is. The. Fic. Writers. Again, not all of you. Maybe not even a lot of you. But there are some. And just because you, whoever you are, wrote a Potter fic with some incomprehensible pairing you feel very, very, VERY strongly about--does. Not. Make. These. Characters. YOURS. No matter what you write, how you write it, or how long it takes. Because the fact still remains that you did not create these characters at all. The only person with any true right to shape and change these characters IS the author. And she will do so according to her own little plotline plans. Regardless of how much fans complain. Regardless of what sort of hatemail or wanksting entry is written. Regardless of how some may vow to never read a Potter book again. These books are not about you. These books are not about me. These books are about a fictional character named Harry Potter--his life, his long, long and (certainly) painful coming-of-age story: full of the unexpected bumps and jolts in ANY life. Full of friends. Full of enemies. We find ways to relate. We are sad when a character dies. We are shocked when a character's supposed true-color shows. We care deeply about these characters, yes. But that does not give us the right to question the author's intent. Sometimes a story is just a story, despirte how much it might feel like more. And if you loathe the ending of this book, or any book... and lament how "canon's ruined this, canon's ruined that" write another ending. You like fic writing, correct?

Or, if you're really that upset... find another book to read.
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