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10:29pm 26/08/2005
mood: OMG

Dumbledore says that Voldemort transfered some of his powers into Harry. What if that made him a Hordeux (or however you spell it?!)
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05:46pm 19/08/2005
  Has this site been posted already. Lots of theories and goodness if you don't think Dumbledore is dead!

Dumbledore is not dead!
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01:40pm 29/07/2005
  Alright, so I'd like to hear everyone's opinions on if Dumbledore's dead or not with the evidence that they found in the book to support it. I hear all over the place random bits on if he's dead or not. I personally am not sure but, I do not think him and Snape switched places. Dumbledore would not have trusted Snape to go with Harry to get the Horcruxes. Also, Dumbledore would have been keeping more of a watch on the castle if he was "Snape". Snape was in the office when Draco and the Death Eaters attacked. Also, the Phoenix would not have song the song and cried if it had not been Dumbledore. I do think it is fishy that they never saw his body at the funeral. I also think it was weird how his body kind of hung in the air for a second when he got hit with Avada Kedavra. I'm just not sure...

Opinions? Thanks.
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09:59pm 26/07/2005
mood: bored
This entry originally appeared in my own journal, and then at the suggestion of a friend, I crossposted it into fanficrants. So I thought, why not here? I could clean it up a little... but, I'm lazy. So, word-for-word.

I've decided that fic writers creep me the fuck out. Not all of you, mind. But a fair many I've seen showing some ugly, ugly sides ever since the sixth Harry Potter book came out. You'd think that some of them really believe J.K. Rowling really owed them something. Guess what: She doesn't. Probably the most you'll ever hear out of me in my own journal about this book. Cut for spoilers, anger, and general lengthCollapse )
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03:35pm 26/07/2005
  Did we ever discover why Dumbledore's hand was burnt and withered?  
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read only if you've read the book 
10:24am 26/07/2005
  snape theory...Collapse )  
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01:45pm 24/07/2005
  Okay so I have two new questions.

1.) What ever happened to Madam Maxine? Weren't her and Dumbledore really good friends? Shouldn't she have been at the funeral? *EDIT* I now know she was there, but her involvement in the story was minimal.

2.) What happened to Krum? He just kinda fell off the planet.

Any Ideas?
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12:54pm 24/07/2005
  first off, how do you all pernounce the word. My friends and I have had disagreements. I say Hor-Cruce, like a CRUXIFIX or CRUXIFY, but they all say Hor-Crucks. I dunno, but anyway.

Do you guys think this could be the 7 horcruxes?

1.The Diary
2.The Ring
3.The Slytherin Locket
4.Hufflepuff's cup
5.Something from Ravenclaw
6.Harry himself
7. Voldemort.

I think harry will be the final Horcrux. Think about it. Voldy wants something from Gryffindor, well Harry is from Gryffindor. Maybe after trying to murder him, and failing Voldy decided that Harry was pretty tough, and decided to make him a horcrux. In order for Voldy to die now, Harry would have to kill himself, and let someone else kill voldy?

Remember Horcruxes can be livivng things, they think it's Nagini the snake, but I still think it's Harry. He already has the Slytherin locket, why does he need Nagini?

Am I crazy for thinking this?
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12:14am 22/07/2005

okay, i finished the book earlier today and am having a hard time believing that dumbledore is actually dead. i think it seems pretty obvious that snape and dumbledore had a plan of some sort, i'm absolutely positive of that. but hear me out on this real quick...knowing that snape is, in fact, the half blood prince, we know for a fact that he's well aware of all incantations in the advanced potions book, right? so what are the chances that he used the "levicorpus" spell on dumbledore before/after muttering the avada kedavra curse? we already know that levicorpus is a nonverbal spell as reported on p.238-239, and we also know that you can only make a spell work when you really mean it, as learned in the 1st book, correct? which means he did his levicorpus without saying anything, and then said "avada kedavra" for the death eaters to hear. now we have witnesses, right? and to support this theory, after snape struck dumbledore with the spell his body "seemed to hang suspended beneath the shining skull..."

maybe i'm just in denial over the whole thing, as denial is the first step in coping with death...i've just been trying to find loopholes all day since finishing the book, and this is the best i could come up with. rowling also seemed to put a lot of emphasis on that specific spell, however, maybe she's just trying to mislead people into thinking the wrong things...sorry if it's already been mentioned elsewhere in this journal. feel free to put me in my place.
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What did you think of Snape? 
12:50pm 19/07/2005
mood: contemplative
I'm having a very hard time believing Snape betrayed Dumbledore. In fact, I don't believe it at all. But I seem to be in the minority.
I think Dumbledore had discussed at length with Snape what Draco was up to. Snape didn't really know what Draco's actual plan was. That was even said in the book. Draco refused to tell him because he thought Snape wanted to steal his glory. He only knew Draco was supposed to come up with a way to kill Dumbledore. I think Dumbledore knew that Snape had made the unbreakable oath in order to continue his ruse as a Death Eater, and I think when he said, "Severus," in a pleading tone, he was trying to convince Snape to do what he had to do and continue on because his job as a spy was just too valuable to the Order. Maybe he was worried Snape would back down when it actually came to ending his life. I still believe that Dumbledore was right about Snape and that Snape is still on the right side. I will be very surprised if he truly is a bad guy. He could have not only killed Harry very easily, but any of the other kids as well, but he didn't. He only stupified Flitwick. Wouldn't a true Death Eater have killed or at least severely maimed or scarred them? The Death Eaters enjoy making their enemies suffer, yet Severus showed none of that.
I'm more curious about where she goes with Draco in the storyline. WIll he end up joining the fight against Voldemort, or will he just succumb to being a Death Eater?
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I'm New! 
01:35pm 19/07/2005
  I think Dumbledore knew that he was going to die. When ever before has he visited the Dursley's like that to ensure that Harry would be coming back for the summer?

He had to have known Snape was going to betray him.

Also, that would explain the "new lessons" he was teaching Harry this year. It's not like his "guesses and speculation" were new. Dumbledore had his assumptions all long, why this year would he go in to so much detail and trouble to make Harry learn everything he could?

This left book 7 totally up in the air. How different is it going to be without Hogwarts?
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07:58pm 18/07/2005
mood: contemplative
WELL me and my friend were just talking and came up with something...

Could Dumbledore have asked Snape to kill him?
Maybe Dumbledore wanted Harry to figure things out on his own and defeat Voldemort without his help...
Dumbledore has his reasons for trusting Snape that were stated in the book, but they just dont seem right. Dumbledore is a smart guy and it seems he would have better reason than what was in the book... so if there is a better reason then what would give him the motive to kill him? Dumbledore had to have knew that if he were to leave it would cause chaos... a learning experience?

But then again....

That may not be viewed as a learning experience but just added to the chaos.
Dumbledore also might have wanted to help Harry out more... give him more wisdom and help before his final facing with voldemort.

another guess.. he may have left behind clues/ help behind him that Harry will find?

Well we havent heard the last of dumbledore...
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Best Book of All Time 
05:07pm 18/07/2005
mood: excited
Hey, I'm a new member.

I'm so glad someone made this community, I've been searching for communities to talk about the book with but they're all dead till everyone's done with the book. And of course none of my friends are finished with it and I needed SOMEHOW to talk about the book and it's unbelievable ending.

Why does Dumbledore have to die? It's not fair. Everyone Harry loves and confides with everything he's dealing with just dies (excluding Hermione and Ron of course).

What confuses me is ... can't Harry just talk to a picture of Sirius or Dumbledore? It seems like you can have normal conversations with pictures of people even after their dead (like the old Headmasters in Dumbledore's office).

I hope that wasn't the end of Harry and Ginny's relationship. I really liked the idea of them together. And obviously Ron and Hermione are finally going to be together in the 7th book because JKR set it up so perfectly.

This book is my favorite and I don't know what I'm going to do until the 7th book comes out. The trailer for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire looks amazing. Click here if you havn't seen it yet.

-Devoted Harry Potter Fan
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11:38am 18/07/2005
  I realized I didn't mention this in my last post...and I haven't seen anyone else bring it up either... but we never do get to find out what happened to Dumbledore's hand! It was this big build-up to some story I was sure would come at the very end, and then - nothing (well, something, but not that!). It seems like it was brought up to many times for it to be an insignificant story that will die with Dumbledore. Perhaps another look in the Pensieve?  
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11:24am 18/07/2005
mood: curious
Did anyone catch any mistakes?

I remember reading something like, "Draco made the same face he made the time Hermione punched him." But didn't she slap him in the books and punched him in the movies?
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on getting into Hogwarts 
08:06am 18/07/2005
mood: sleepy
ICollapse )
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01:19am 18/07/2005
  I know that some people think that R.A.B. is not Regulus Black. I, though, truly think it is. He is mention 3 separate times in this book, as well as in the last book. Since the Horcrux was stolen by someone who Voldemort would know by their initials of R.A.B., it almost has to be either someone famous enough to be known by their initials, which we should have mention of somewhere but don't, or a Death Eater that left, which is the most plausible because of the note and familiarity. Regulus Black we know left the Death Eaters, so he would be the perfect candidate for this, and the initials seem to fit. Also, his death soon after leaving could be directly related to his theft of the Horcrux, probably from the potion (which fits with the whole "Good Snape, Dying Dumbledore" theory). One final piece of possible evidence is that in the fifth book, while cleaning Grimmauld Place, they find "a heavy locket that none of them could open" in the cabinets. If Regulus made it back there (or maybe he had help getting it in the first place, since it seems to need two people...Sirius?) he could have hidden it among his parents' collection, and there is every chance that his parents could have turned him over to the Death Eaters.  
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12:35am 18/07/2005
  If anyone is up, finished the half-blood prince, and feels like talking about it you can IM me:
e11evensays on AIM.

Or feel free to just comment.
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01:25am 18/07/2005
  Wow... it was an amazing book. But, did anyone else feel as though the storyline jumped at times? I found myself wondering if I had somehow missed a page at times. I felt as though the detail and the even timeline used in earlier books wasn't there. The seasons changed without much mention other than talking about the weather. I realize this book wasn't as Hogwarts focused as character focused.

I think the key to Snape's loyalty... or atleast why Dumbledore believed him lays in the pensieve. In fact, I think the pensieve will hold a lot of answers. I am hoping Harry gets to use it more. It has been a carefully developed element of the story and it would be sad if it was never used again.

I was really thinking that Rowling was going to throw us for a really big loop and have the lessons not be being given by Dumbledore. My thought process on this was that at no point did Harry employ the "safety question" when in the company of Dumbledore... but as we all know I was wrong.

I think the Dumbledore painting will be very helpful to Harry.

I read another person (sorry can't remember where) say something about believing that a member of each house would be required to fight Voldermort. They said that there was obviously a Gryffindor, and Draco would be a Slytherin, and Luna a Ravenclaw. They claimed that the Hufflepuff had yet to be shown. I think there's a reason Ernie McMillan has been a somewhat developed character. I think is a Hufflepuff, but I'm too lazy to go check.

These are just some random wanderings of my mind, I'm sure I'll have a few more. Thank you for creating this community so I am not ruining the book for my friends.
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11:34pm 17/07/2005
  Some speculations...

1. Is there any way that J.K. Rowling had Harry decide not to go to school so that, if necessary, she could finish the series in more than one book? Or is it a definite that it will be 7?

2. Could Godric Gryffindor's sword indeed be a Horcrux? Maybe that's why Harry was able to use it to kill the basilisk, a creature under Voldemort's control. Dumbledore's mentioned that all of Gryffindor's possessions were in his sight, and gestured to the sword hanging in his office when he told Harry his theory about one of the Horcruxes being a posession of Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. A possible reason for Harry to come back to Hogwarts? Even if it's not as a student. And even if the school is closed or taken over by Death Eaters. Especially. if it is.

3. I'm positive Dumbledore is dead, if only because of Fawkes' reaction to his fall (the crying) and burial (the coffin). Also, there's the portrait of him that appeared on the wall of the Headmaster's Office (or Headmistress' Office, as it were). Though the fact that he is sleeping in the portrait seems to be significant. I think the portrait might serve as an aid to Harry (a la Phineas Nigellus). When Harry said that Dumbledore will only leave when there are no more who remain loyal to him, it seemed a support for this as well. Another reason why I think Harry will come back to Hogwarts.
But you never know. He could pull a Gandolf and I could end up eating my words come the 7th book's release.

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