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read only if you've read the book

i have good reason to believe that snape is good and that, yes this may seem crazy, but he and dumbledore dipped their hands in the pot of polyjuice potion in book 6.

1. from the begining of the book, when snape is extracting information from narcissa about draco's quest, he asks bella, do you really think i'd be able to fool the dark lord? yes. he would. because if dumbledore was really the best at occlumency and legilimancy, he would have been powerful enough to teach harry himself. the thing about great leaders, is their ability to know their weaknesses as well as their strengths. snape is the best of the best when it comes to those things and that's why dumbledore had him teach harry. so yes, snape would have been able to fool the dark lord.

2. dumbledore has never allowed snape to be the defense against the dark arts professor. he still hasn't. perhaps that was dumbledore who was teaching DADA (as snape). the position has been cursed, as we know, and a teacher has never taught it for more than a year. that is all he dumbledore needed to teach it for. he still wouldn't let snape do it - he taught it himself.

3. from the moment i started reading, i thought dumbledore was acting strange. it continued throughout the entire book. he is usually quiet and observes everything and now all of a sudden he's keen to let harry in on everything? and why is it he keeps telling him to tell ron and hermione. maybe because snape thinks harry wouldn't be able to figure things out himself? and "dumbledore" even loses his temper a few times, nothing major of course, but he snaps at him - that's snape coming out. dumbledore is just acting odd. what was especially weird was the fact that harry had to get that memory from slughorn...

4. also in the end at the cave, when dumbledore drinks the potion and screams, i'm sorry and all that, that could be snape saying he was sorry for ratting out james and lilly. that is simply too weak for dumbledore.

5. on the astronomy tower when "dumbledore" tells draco he can protect him and his family, he's talking to him very personally, very lovingly. he can protect his mother, his father is safe. it makes more sense that is was snape saying this. snape is the one that is close with the malfoy's, not dumbledore.

6. in the end, when professor mcgonnelgal is talking to harry, she says 'professor dumbledore told us snape would be out of the castle for a few hours.' well of course he would, he was in the cave with harry! and dumbledore knew it, of course.

7. harry has been checking the m. map, but never once does he mention seeing dumbledore or snape. he's only concentrating on malfoy. usually, when he looks at the map, he sees snape in the dungeon or dumbledore pacing in his office. if he had seen this, he'd have known.

8. there's something fishy about snape being "prince" and voldemort being "lord." yes, this could possibly mean that snape is next in command for the dark side or something, but i think snape is still good.

as far as snape or dumbledore being dead, i am not sure. i just think there were some weird things about snape and dumbledore in this book.

also, slughorn telling harry that he's just like his mother in potions? he told him every single time. something's going to happen with that for sure. what's his mother got to do with snape? i know, i've read that theory about snape being in love with her... who knows...
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Wow. I am not going to say I believe this or I don't believe this. That is just some good thinking though. Theres only one thing: Dumbledore and Harry's lessons were long. Wouldn't the potion run out? Wouldn't it be hard to take some more, while your inside a memory?
dude, they're freakin' awesome wizards, right? they could have had it in a hip flask or maybe it had something to do with the hand, who knows. but there's always a way.
i'm a little confused what you mean by "dumbledore being lord"

where is he referred to as that?
i'm meant voldemort, i fixed it, sorry!
Yeah... It's kind of a pretty cool theory, except for one thing: when Harry calls Snape a coward at the end of the book, his answer is not really Dumbledore-like. But it could make sense, though. I'll have to reread it entirely with that perspective now!
This entry makes me wanna go back and read the book again! I can understand what you are saying, that makes alot of sense! Go you!
i've got to read it again, too. i know i had loads more evidence to back this up last night when i finished reading it...
A very interesting theory...certainly one I haven't heard before. You made some very strong points for your theory. I have to go think about this one for a bit. It certainly makes sense. Awesome!
Wait...don't you need someone alive to make some polyjuice potion? So if Snape is dead instead of Dumbledore, how would Dumbledore be able to make polyjuice in order to look like Snape?
Oh crap...

There *has* to be a way around that somehow.
I am a firm believe in the Remus Lupin is James Potter theory (not really, I dont believe it at all, I just think its 100% Batshit)

and your theory too, sounds exactly right.

just kidding.

it's batshit.
oh! you got me!
I agree with a lot of this, and I think the idea of Snape and Dumbledore having traded places is intriguing. However, I wonder if Dumbledore would have trusted anyone to do that, even Snape. I also don't think that he was being weak after the potion. That's something the potion does. Although now it does make me look at it a different way. Only we know it was Pettigrew who ratted out Lily and James, right? When they finally were killed, I mean.
I'm leaning towards Dumbledore not being dead as well. When Hagrid brought that bundle wrapped in purple velvet, Harry "knew it to be Dumbledore", but they never actually laid eyes on him. It doesn't mention taking the robes off or anything. But when the flames burst up, Harry thought he saw the phoenix for a moment. So I'm smelling something fishy here.