wemeannothing (wemeannothing) wrote in hbp_discussions,

Alright, so I'd like to hear everyone's opinions on if Dumbledore's dead or not with the evidence that they found in the book to support it. I hear all over the place random bits on if he's dead or not. I personally am not sure but, I do not think him and Snape switched places. Dumbledore would not have trusted Snape to go with Harry to get the Horcruxes. Also, Dumbledore would have been keeping more of a watch on the castle if he was "Snape". Snape was in the office when Draco and the Death Eaters attacked. Also, the Phoenix would not have song the song and cried if it had not been Dumbledore. I do think it is fishy that they never saw his body at the funeral. I also think it was weird how his body kind of hung in the air for a second when he got hit with Avada Kedavra. I'm just not sure...

Opinions? Thanks.
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